First Indian National Selection has commenced!

The Department of Physics of Shiv Nadar University has already commenced the first Indian National Selection among the three teams; IISER Bhopal, Miranda House (University of Delhi) and NISER Bhubaneshwar. The first two Physics Fights have been already conducted for today and the last one on tomorrow would decide the winner.

The jury from Shiv Nadar University, alongside with the organising team from the Physics Society.

Illustrious performances from each Team is the highlight of the event with some of the Physics fights with closer scores. All the teams are new to this tournament and have performed well in that regard.

As of now, team IISERB and team NISER are in a close call (90 v/s 89.33) respectively with a 0.66 point difference. Team Miranda House did significantly well, with an appreciable score of 68.67. The last fight will be an interesting one.

We are further pleased to identify the old participants of the IPT (Pranav Sateesh and Ajay Shanmuga Shaktivasan) to take a significant role in heading Physics Fights for a totally new audience. With that, we look forward to tomorrow to reveal who would be the Indian Team for the IPT 2020 representing in Poland.

First Indian National Selection has commenced!