2022 National Selections

National Selections

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are sorry to inform that the National Selections for this year has been cancelled*. We have sent emails to the participating teams for more details.

*This year, the Indian team was selected through the process of international preselection due to the participation from two Indian universities this year. The team of St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) will be representing India this year.

Problem List

03 : Noise FM
04 : Filled Ball
05 : Sparkler
06 : Flat Earth
07 : Washboard roads
09 : Electrostatic lighter
10 : Droplet sandy fingerprints
11 : Smashing spheres
14 : Rising in the bulk
15 : Galileo method
16 : Midnight Special
17 : Resistor thermodynamics

Registration are closed.

The deadline was 23rd of January, 2022.

Social Links for communications

We also use Discord and Telegram for all announcements and queries from the members. Do join them for tips in preparing for PFs in the upcoming Nationals!

Registered Teams (IPT 2022)

  1. St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Bangalore
  2. Joint team of Mohanlal Sukhadia University and University of Rajasthan
  3. National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneshwar

Last Updated : 02/02/2022 06:32 hours


Rules regarding the forthcoming National Selections are available here. It provides the rules expected to follow during the Physics Fights in the event. For any need for clarification, the participants may contact the National Representative through the contact form.

Other important links and information

  1. The tournament’s rule as given in the website (iptnet.info) is here (http://iptnet.info/official-rules/)
  2. For an introduction to “Physics Fights”, please go through this webpage (http://iptnet.info/the-principles-of-ipt)
  3. The IPT 2022 website link is http://2022.iptnet.info. Please refer to the link for problem lists, venues, and other updates regarding the international tournament
  4. We will always update this website with the current list of registered teams, along with any updates regarding the National selections.
  5. Please subscribe to the newsletter from IPT (http://iptnet.info/newsletter/) so that you don’t miss any important updates.