2020 National Selections

This section serves the official source of everything about the selection procedure. (Updated: 15th January 2020)


The following excel sheet gives access to the scores given in the Physics Fights. Please refer the following link here.


The tentative itinerary of the tournament is as follows –

17th January 2020
18:00 hoursTeams Arrival
18th January 2020
08:00 hoursBreakfast
09:00 hoursWelcome Session
09:30 hoursJury Training Session
10:30 hours - 14:00 hoursPhysics Fights 1
14:00 hoursLunch
15:00 hours - 18:30 hoursPhysics Fights 2
19:00 hoursDinner
19th January 2020
08:00 hoursBreakfast
10:00 hoursLab Tour
12:00 hours Lunch
13:30 hours - 17:00 hoursPhysics Fights 3
17:00 hoursRefreshments
17:30 hoursFeedback Session
18:00 hoursValedictory Session
19:00 hoursDinner

National Selections

This year’s Indian National Selection will be hosted by the Department of Physics of Shiv Nadar University (SNU), along with their departmental club, the Physics Society on 17th-19th January.

Details about the Registration fees and final itinerary will be communicated to all the registered team by email. To know more about the campus, visit snu.edu.in

Please note that the winning team of the National Selections may need to participate for a pre-selection International round. This will involve submitting a scientific report on the problems announced for preselection. Unfortunately, the winning team will not have enough time to prepare the report (22nd January is the deadline), so we do suggest all the teams prepare a report on-demand on a preselection problem below before the National Selections.

  1. P01: Cumulative cannon
  2. P02: Precious energy
  3. P03: Paper tube
  4. P06: Planetary clock
  5. P14: Jumping bean

Problems for National Round

The international problem list is the list of problems for this year’s National Selections. This is decided after finding a few teams not submitting their problem list.

We thank those teams who shared their problem list, which we have kept it confidential.

Team India is participating in IPT 2020!

The registrations for the Indian National Selections are closed. End of November (30th November, 23:59 hours IST) is the final deadline for registration.

Registered Teams (IPT 2020)

Following are the universities of the teams who have registered for the National Selection for IPT 2020 (Updated: 15th January 2019)


Rules regarding the forthcoming National Selections are available here. It provides the rules expected to follow during the Physics Fights in the event. For any need for clarification, the participants may contact the National Representative through the contact form.

Monetary Support

The team finally representing India needs to incur a tournament fee of €1100 for the team of six members + two subordinates (can be Team leader, team observer, and team guests) and all the travelling costs to whichever country the next IPT is conducted. This then requires complete support from the institution and shared the responsibility of finances among team members. As per now, IPT India has a reliance on the generous support of the participating Institutes.

To support IPT in India at the university level, the interested are required to form a LOC (Local Organising Committee) which would support the team representing from their side. One may also look for sponsorships and fundraising for finances and it may not be the effective means to raise funding. For any suggestions or advice regarding this, kindly write to the Indian Representative through the contact form on the website.

Other important links and information

  1. The tournament’s rule as given in the website (iptnet.info) is here (http://iptnet.info/official-rules/)
  2. For an introduction to “Physics Fights”, please go through this webpage (http://iptnet.info/the-principles-of-ipt)
  3. The IPT 2020 website link is http://2020.iptnet.info. Please refer to the link for problem lists, venues, and other updates regarding the international tournament
  4. We will always update this website with the current list of registered teams, along with any updates regarding the National selections.
  5. Please subscribe to the newsletter from IPT (http://iptnet.info/newsletter/) so that you don’t miss any important updates.

Registered Teams (IPT 2019)

Following are the universities of the teams who registered for National Selection for IPT 2019