Announcement for Selection of Indian team for IPT 2023

UPDATE : The joint team of Rajdhani College and Miranda House, University of Delhi will represent India in IPT 2023

The registrations for the National Selections of IPT 2023 is closed (08-01-2023, 23:59 hours).

The problem list for this year’s IPT is released here. We will decide the team representing India through the submission of one solution report from the below list of problems –

P#1 Match Counting
P#5 Pringles Stack Ring
P#9 Spinning droplets
P#10 Magnetic Gears
P#11 The Chalk Trick.

Kindly note that since this year’s national selections are not going to be in Physical format, the winning team can choose P#1, P#5 and P#11 for the International preselections if it is conducted.

Deadline and report format

The deadline for registering and submitting the report is 8th January 2023, 23:59 hours (IST). Reports should be emailed online to from the email address given in the registration form. Kindly do not include any details in the report which may reflect the university affiliation, so to keep anonymity. We also recommend submitting your report in a format similar to the below preselection report by the Indian team of IPT 2020

We are providing a overleaf file for the prescribed format of the submission – Overleaf file

Logistics and contact details

We advise all the interested teams to be in touch with the Physics departments for financial support and logistics. You may also submit the report where the problem is not entirely solved.

For any further queries, please contact us at
or from our Discord :

Announcement for Selection of Indian team for IPT 2023