Problem Voting for IPT 2021 is now open!

Amidst the pandemic, the IOC has decided to open the votes for the upcoming IPT 2021, which (possibly) will happen at Poland (subject to change). Ones who have registered for the IPT newsletter may have gotten the email regarding this, but for the benefit of those who are new, I would enlist the important details here.

Usually, a country with a National Representative has 100 points which it can distribute it among these preselected problems as curated by the executive committee.

Interested voters must tabulate their 100 points to each corresponding problem number given from the problem list (link), following with no more than 20 points per problem and send it to this email address –

All the votes collected from my side would be collated together and an average of all points against each problem would be taken as the final vote from India. More the people vote from a country, more valuable their votes get.

Do note, the deadline of the voting is 5th September 2020 (22:59 hours GMT) [Note the one hour buffer before the end of that day]. Also, you can refer to this google form for voting if you feel that the above process is a lot of hassle – 


Problem Voting for IPT 2021 is now open!